MCR, IAP, GRUPMCR, medición control y regulacion, investigacion y aplicaciones a procesos MCR Investigación y Aplicaciones a Procesos
Presentation Minimize

Dear customers and friends,

We are pleased to present our company so that you can find in MCR the best solution to your industry needs.

MCR (Measurement Control Regulation) & Investigación y Aplicaciones a Procesos (Process Research and Applications) has an accumulated experience for more than 20 years dedicated to engineering and technological innovation.

Our organisation is flexible to react to any suddenly requirement.

Always making real our customers expectations, keeping the appropriate costs and the highest quality levels.


MCRs value: our human capital Minimize

Our team is composed by specialized technicians who have achieved a wide experience and who are continuously up to date with the state of the art technologies.

Our targets Minimize
  • We reduce productive process costs of our customers.
  • We offer tailored, practical and robust solutions.
  • We offer a team always up to date, to achieve the best technical and economical solution.
Our specialization fields Minimize
  • Engineering of industrial processes.
  • Industrial automation.
  • Industrial software.
  • Mechanics engineering.
  • Telecommunicactions engineering.