Automatización Procesos, Automatización y control, Ingeniería de Procesos, Programación autómatas plcs MCR Investigación y Aplicaciones a Procesos

Engineering of processes: Handling and conveying lines Minimize
MCR designs whole projects of packaging lines for final products solids and liquids, and specific stations to be integrated in existing lines. We also develop handling and conveying lines for products which are still being processed.

Our system allows to count the product units to pack. It also allows to test the final product weight. Product is weighed in movement in case of dynamic weighing applications.

Our sealing, palletizing and shrink-wrapping systems are the end of the product elaboration.

In turnkey installations, MCRs handling lines are feeded by MCRs dosage and weighing systems.

Conceptual scheme: packaging lines for final products (solids/unitary products)

Conceptual scheme: packaging lines for liquid final products

Engineering of processes: Assembly lines Minimize
We design and implement whole projects of automated assembly lines, and specific assembly and quality control stations.

Assembly line

Assembling robot

Assembling robot