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Engineering of processes: Dosage and weighing Minimize
We develop tailored dosage systems of liquid and solid products; single-product and multi-product systems. We implement turnkey plants or specific dosage processes which we integrate in existing lines.

We also develop cooling and heating processes for reactors, tanks, etc. to complement the dosage systems.

The products, liquids and solids, can be chemicals, foods, etc. Our recipe management system makes it easy for the operator to control, usually by a touch screen, the dosage process and the quality in every process phase.

Storage and dosage
of liquids to reactors 

Solid food multi-product dosage
and pneumatic conveying

Detail of a synoptic:
Minor ingredients dosage

MCRs dosage systems controls, in an automated way, the following processes:

a) Storage: tanks/silos/containers/etc. are automatically loaded  from supply points (trucks/fix points/etc.) by pneumatic conveying/pumping/etc. Storage areas can be exteriors and interiors.

b) Conveying and dosage: dosers can be placed separately from the storage area. The dosage system, if needed, conveys the product to feed itself, in addition to acquire accurately the required amount of product. The dosers can be equipped with mixers or other systems to homogenize the product, to always keep the quality of the product.

c) Final conveying: the final or semi finished products are conveyed to their target place. In turnkey plants, MCRs packaging lines complete the whole process.

Conceptual scheme: liquids dosage system

Conceptual scheme: Solids and liquids dosage system