Energía solar MCR Investigación y Aplicaciones a Procesos

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Heat is obtained by solar thermal collectors. Electricity is obtained by photovoltaic modules.

The obtained heat can be used to cover different needs:

  • Hot water for domestic or industrial consumption.
  • Heating for homes, schools, hotels, industries, etc.
  • Pool heating/cooling for individuals and sport facilities.

Detail of a solar installation
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Solar energy can be complemented by usual energies to avoid large and expensive solar energy accumulators.

The obtained electricity can be used directly or can be stored to use it at night.

Solar cells are absolutely unchanging over time. They don't contaminate and don't make noise, they don't consume combustible and don't need maintenance.

Main reasons to use solar energy are:
  • Environmental conscience.
  • Reduced energy bills.
  • Conservation of natural finite resources.
  • It increases the resale price of dwelling.
  • To have a guarantee against the increases of combustible price.

Detail of a solar energy installation