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Smart gardens Minimize

Watering gardens means a high cost for municipalities. That cost must be rationalized.

Watering can be done automatically by reading terrains humidity in real time. No waste of water: only what's needed.

Smart parking Minimize

A smart parking registers in real time where are free places. That information is communicated to citizens and managers, by light panels, Smart-Phones or Internet.

It brings less traffic concentration in urban cores; citizens park faster, more comfortably and in a most ecologically way; it allows dynamic pricing in blue areas; it makes traffic flow easily in city infrastructures, etc.

Smart public lighting Minimize

A smart public lighting brings a positive and immediate impact on economy and environment, due to energy savings.

The light sensors allow to optimize the lighting system taking in account the solar luminosity and the presence of people.

Traffic control Minimize

Traffic control means having real time information about traffic in the city: how many vehicles, which kind, its velocity, traffic density, etc.

It brings a more efficient traffic management: more flow, less environmental impact, more citizens comfort.

Garbage management Minimize

Garbage collection routes can be optimized being dynamic routes. That routes can be designed based on the information in real time about containers level.

It means less garbage trucks: same results, less economic and environmental costs, and an improvement in citizens welfare.

Environmental quality Minimize

The environmental quality (pollution, noise, humidity) is a key factor to determine life quality of citizens.

It is possible to obtain stadistical reports by registering live data of relative humidity, temperature, luminic level and noise.

The obtained reports allow to design plans for reducing contamination. The reports allow to observe the results of the plans, too.

The are more advantages: when a social or sport event takes place in the city, it is possible to take preventive measures against adverse situations; some sectors like aeronautics can plan better their logistics and obtain more criteria for short-term decisions.

Public safety Minimize

How can we keep balance between the constant urban grow and the safety we want?

It's possible with a localizer system of people/goods. This system has many applications: public services like car rental; children safety at airports, at malls, etc. 

Any person or good, laboral or not, can be localized in real time. This way it increases the safety of the service/person.