Dosificadores gravimétricos, Dosificadores volumétricos, Pesaje y dosificación sólidos. MCR Investigación y Aplicaciones a Procesos
Gravimetric doser model DGn Minimize

Our gravimetric dosers operate by the rule of an specific material amount lost per time unit. There are different types depending on the application.

Its electronics devices are state of the art technology. The dosers bring a mixer and their endless screws are easy to switch, each one for a specific application. 

DGn dosers are easily demountable and cleanable.


Volumetric doser model DVn Minimize

Like the volumetric dosers, the gravimetric dosers are used for continuous dosage of dust and granulated products.

DVn dosers have different capacities depending on the application. Their dosage speeds are settable: our dosers are equipped with inverters.

DVn dosers are also equipped with a mixer, and their endless screws are easy to switch, each one for a specific application.

Our dosers are easily demountable and cleanable.