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Sieve-doser Minimize
  • Designed for dusty products: dyes, pigments, etc.
  • It can fill boxes, bags, etc.
  • Accurate dosage weighing system.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It is customizable to each application needs.

Bagger Minimize
  • Appropriate for hard to handle products (dusty, floury, granulated, milled, etc.)
  • Useful for different kinds of bag: valve bag and open mouth bag, and even for barrels and drums.
  • Feeding equipment can be customized.
  • Mother screw, gravity, vibrating duct and belt conveyor models.
  • Manual or pneumatic bag fastening.
  • Electronic settings of flow and weigh control.
  • 1 to 5 bags per minute performance.
  • Equipped with vaults stirrer.

Mixer Minimize
  • These mixers obtain in each point of the mixing camera an homogeneous product.
  • It can mix quickly different products.
  • Homogeneous mix can be obtained even with a few quantites of product.

Big bags weigher-compactor Minimize
  • Progressive compaction system customizable for any kind of solid product.
  • High precision and performance on filling process.
  • Safe and quality bagging system.
  • The weigher-compactor can also be customized to fill containers and large dimensioned boxes.