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GESPRO (Production manager) Scada Minimize
With GESPRO you'll be able, from your PC, to:
  • Control your processes.
  • Start/stop a process remotely.
  • Supervise live processes status.

Screen. Water treatment plant detail

Screen. Detail of a bakery plant

But GESPRO is more than this. It:

  • Acquires and manages processes data.
  • Helps you on decision-making and production planning.
  • It is integrable in SAP systems.
  • Graphics and reports manager.
  • Historical files.
  • Events manager.
  • Alarms manager.
  • Passwords manager.
  • Connectivity to Internet and remote access.
GESLAB (Laboratory manager) and GESCAL (Gestió de qualitat) Minimize
GESLAB and GESCAL main features are:
  • Samples data storing.
  • Reports generator.
  • Analysis manager
  • Laboratory tests manager.
  • Customers and potential customers manager.
  • Statistical studies from database.

Screen. Detail of GESLAB

GESMAN (Maintenance manager) Minimize
GESMANs main features are:
  • Resources manager.
  • Cost and budgets control.
  • New constructions and modifications manager.
  • Maintenance operations manager.
  • Spare parts manager.

Screen. Detail of GESMAN

Screen. Detail of GESMAN

  • Work orders release.
  • General documentation and maintenance operations reports.
  • Connectivity to Internet and remote access.
  • Customizable.
Customized sofware Minimize
Are you looking for a software and there isn't any which matches your company needs?

At MCR we develope software for PC totally tailor made.